Throughout the year, Heartland Health Services relies on community fundraising support and partnerships to provide vital healthcare services and programs to patients throughout the Tri-County area, with a special focus on our underserved and disadvantaged communities.


With support from our partners, Heartland Health clinicians and staff are armed with the best training, facilities and programming to ensure every community member gets top-notch healthcare, regardless of the barriers that stand before them.


To do this, we depend on our generous community to stand alongside us in believing everyone deserves healthcare. Because when we work together to support patient care, we create healthier lives for a healthier community.


Become a Sponsor


Why Partner with Heartland Health Services?

Heartland Health Services is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving patients of all ages by delivering primary care services and various specialty services such as behavioral health, podiatry, family planning, women’s wellness and dentistry.


Because Heartland Health is an FQHC, our clinicians and staff are meeting exceptionally high standards to acquire accreditation and recognition in delivering top-notch healthcare to our patients. Not only are we meeting metrics, but we are exceeding them in several categories. When you partner with Heartland Health, you are supporting your community by ensuring exceptional health care is available to all, right here in our own hometown.


Removing Barriers and Inequities

Heartland Health Services aims to deliver transformative health services to improve health outcomes, remove barriers and increase patient satisfaction.


If we didn’t have Heartland Health Services and support from our community partners…

  • Emergency rooms at local hospitals would be over utilized by patient visits that could be cared for by a Heartland Health Services clinician.
  • Underserved and disadvantaged neighborhoods in our community would have fewer clinic options, making transportation a barrier to basic care.
  • With less access to basic health services, homeless shelters could see an increase in individuals needing services.



What Your Sponsorship Donation Can Support:

  • Back to School Events to purchase bookbags with school supplies for local Peoria and Tazwell kids headed to school each year. Heartland Health Services assists with providing back-to-school physicals for students in the area.
  • Outreach Services to educate low-income community residents about the benefits of getting Medicare and/or Medicaid as well as assistance in signing up through the Healthcare Marketplace, if qualified.
  • Supportive Services such as access to information for transportation to appointments, housing and food for low-income community residents struggling to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Social Work Services to support our care team visiting local homeless shelters to provide telehealth services so that individuals get the care they need, wherever they may reside.
  • Area of Greatest Need because we all know it takes a village to care for a community. Each year, Heartland Health Services provides primary care and specialty services to over 22,000 patients of all ages, and we do so knowing we may not be fully reimbursed for services rendered. Your support helps to ensure this care continues day in and day out.